About Craig & Jam

Two opposites working in harmony.
Meet the Designer: Craig
Working professionally in design for 8 years, Craig graduated from the University of Arts London with a Bachelor in Graphic Design.
He is a creative whiz from conception to completion, able to transform even the simplest idea into a mindful masterpiece. 
No challenge is too big for Craig, he always meets every quest with determined focus. Rest assured that your project will be met with precise professionalism and careful creativity. 
Please get in contact if you would like to see more work from Craig including his professional portfolio and CV. 
Meet the Logician: Jam
The Jam that holds the Craig together, she is the genius counterpart to Craig's creative madness. Bringing her knowledge of business, organisation and web development (coding) to the table, Jam ties together all the administration. 
Things aren't all boring and business-y on these ends though, Jam is still able to creatively conceptualise ideas and visions, bringing a different perspective to the same puzzle. 
​​​​​​​When you first contact us, it is likely Jam that will be there to greet you on the other end.
Based in Zetland (Sydney), we love to service our local community.
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